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Dr. Amina Ahmad

Dr. Amina Ahmad graduated from the National University of Health Sciences with her doctorate in Chiropractic. She enjoys working with her patients hands on, and helping them achieve great results. She has a clinical and holistic background. She was the head clinician, owned and operated a clinic in Chicago for many years. She treated everyone from professional athletes, to every day people. She loved working with first responders, the local precinct, and city officials. Her background and expertise is in dealing with trauma,work injury, sports injuries and accident cases. In college she worked in a stroke and Neuro department working with MS patients, amputees, and patients recovering from strokes. She has an extensive history of effectively treating with car accident and whiplash patients, as well as trauma resulting from work accidents. Once patients are better, Dr Amina explains the benefits of wellness and preventative care. Dr Ahmad helps patients with chronic pain effectively get relief by identifying the source of the pain, create a treatment plan, achieve their health goals, improve the quality of their life.

Dr Amina Ahmad will also manage each persons case with other doctors and practitioners to achieve optimum care. This includes neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, pain management , functional medicine and physical therapists. She can also testify as an expert witness or complete depositions on behalf of her patients if neccessary.

Dr Amina Ahmad is a mother of four and has a dog. She enjoys healthy cooking,exercise, travelling, gardening, home design and attending chiropractic conferences.

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